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About The Islands


The trade winds bring comfortable easterly breezes the majority of the year. September and October are considered the hottest months as the trade winds are shifting so there is little breeze. This is also peak hurricane time although TCI is usually fortunate in hurricane misses. Winter month’s temperature lows are in the low 70s, high mid 80s. Summer months see lows mid 80s, high mid to high 90s. Average annual rainfall is approximately 40 inches. There can be rain at any time of the year; usually short lived. It may rain for 20 minutes and then the sun will appear. It is unusual to spend a 3 days here without having the sun shine.

Hurricane Season

Runs from June 1 to November 30 each year.


Turks & Caicos Islanders are mostly descendants of Africans who were brought in to work the salt pans or the cotton plantations. The expatriate population consists of British, Canadians, Swiss, Italians, Filipinos, Americans, Trinidadians, Indians, Haitians, French, and Bahamians, people from Hispaniola and virtually everywhere in the world.


Turks and Caicos Islands are a British Crown Colony, headed by an appointed Governor by the Queen. Government offices are located on the island of Grand Turk with branches on the other islands. The legal system is based on British Common Law.


The economy of the TCI relies primarily on the tourism industry, but also real estate development and the exportation of seafood. A wide variety of financial services are available, including company formation, offshore insurance, banking, trusts, limited partnerships and limited life companies. The Financial Services Commission regulates, develops and promotes the industry in major world markets.

Daily delivery service is provided by FedEx, with offices on Provo and Grand Turk. Service is also provided by DHL and UPS.

Cable Television

Local companies FLOW and Digicel. Satellite television service is provided throughout the islands as well.


As on many Islands, fresh water is precious, and dependent upon rainfall or desalinated water produced by reverse osmosis for the supply. Please be conservative in using water.

Telephone Service

Local and international telephone, facsimile, internet and cellular services are available through local companies FLOW and Digicel. Country code is 649. If you have cell service in the USA you may enable International Roaming which would allow you to place and receive calls whilst in the Turks and Caicos. You are also able to rent or purchase a chip or a telephone from one of the local services providers.


There are no direct income tax, property tax or capital gain tax. There are no exchange controls. Indirect taxation comprise of customs duty, Stamp Duty and departure tax.

Ferry Service

Daily Ferry service is available to North Caicos and South Caicos – TCI Ferry website

Requirements for owning property

There are no regulations restricting foreign ownership of land. Anyone may purchase land for which the Government Land Registry will issue a “Certificate of Title”. There are no property taxes, but a Stamp Duty is payable. For detailed information concerning the legal aspects of owning property in the Turks and Caicos Islands, contact ERA Turks and Caicos.

Associated Companies

Through our associated law firm we are able to assist clients seeking help with purchases, titles, immigration procedures, trusts and company formations. Please contact us.

Inter-island Service:

Intercaribbean Airways and Caicos Express provide daily service throughout the Turks and Caicos. They also have flights to Bahamas and Cuba, Antiqua, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti and much more.