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Fishing is a very popular past time in the Turks and Caicos – we see some serious equipment coming with visitors. Deep Sea Fishing or Blue Water Fishing is the finest in the Caribbean. The Atlantic’s premiere big game trophy fish – the blue marlin – is plentiful all year but caught in record numbers during summer months.

Bottom and Reef fishing are the easiest variation, hooks and snares bring in much prized snapper and groupers families along with yellow fin, parrotfish and other reef browsers. Bone fishing is done by spin casting or with fly rod and found on shallow flats,often near mangroves. Bone fish are far too bony for many to eat so this is often a catch and release sport.

Don’t forget you will need a Fishing License to fish in the Turks and Caicos. Call Turtle Cove Marina at (649)941-3781 for cost and licensing. For fishing regulations call DECR at (649)946-4017. To rent equipment Scooter Bob at (649)946-4684.

There are many charter boats that offer excursions for full day, half day, custom or overnight. You may book through your resort as well.


Panoply Sport Fishing & Charters at (649) 432-3566,

Grand Slam big game fishing at (649) 231-4420.

Silver Deep Fishing Charter (649)946-5612

Gwendolyn Fishing Charters (649) 946-5321

Hook ‘Em Fishing Charters (649) 941-7536